The Lamesha Vine Effect, is here to get you moving and give you more confidence through dance.  The LVE,  will guide you through easy to do dance steps that will transform your mind.  Many people are looking for a quick fix on weight loss, but the results that one seeks will only come through a mindset change. Once you change your way of thinking you will change your way of living.

My goal is to give you an escape from reality, transform your way of thinking through dance and bring more happiness into your life.

Inspired by my love for dancing, training and experience as an athlete, I’ve created a unique program that intersects hip hop dance, athletic core training with fun energetic music. This workout builds endurance and confidence. It is also a full body workout that will leave you with

Full of Energy!  Full of Enjoyment!  Feel the Effect!
‘The Lamesha Vine Effect’!




Full of Energy, Full of Enjoyment, Feel the Effect! The Lamesha Vine Effect

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