May I challenge you?

I personally think that one of the best ways to develop a new friendship and get to know someone better is by doing something together… Don’t you agree?

When you meet someone new and think that you might actually become friends with this person, wouldn’t you want to spend some time together? Grab a coffee or maybe lunch, take a walk or ride a bike on the beach? Maybe hit a class in the gym together (wink-wink)?

How about getting to know yourself better?  Plucking yourself out of your comfort zone and putting into a new environment? That’s exactly what Penny, one of my students, did by accepting the 30 days Lamesha Challenge!

Penny is a celebrity chef with her own pretty successful TV cooking show. She has been coming to my group classes for a while, but she wanted to test herself and see if she could push the envelope further.

I designed a special program for Penny and on August 25th we set out on our journey which you can follow here. We are about one week away from the final day of the challenge! Stand tuned for the updates!

One Reply to “May I challenge you?”

  1. […] have exciting news for you, my friends! Penny has completed our first 30 Day Lamesha Challenge with yours […]


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