My biggest fan

When you start something new or when your life takes a new turn it is very important to have a great support system.

It could be a group of people or maybe just one person who will give you confidence to push ahead in spite of all odds, multiple obstacles and numerous setbacks. Who will say to you: “Hey, you’re doing great! Just follow your passion and listen to your heart!”

This extra nudge coming from outside is always very helpful. You might not be a pro football team or famous pop-star, but you still need your FAN club.

My biggest fan is mom. She is so supportive of all of my endeavors as a dance and fitness professional, that she would even stand next to me and do my fitness routine for the camera.

Yes, she will! Here, you can see for yourself. Thank you, mom, for being my biggest fan!

P.S. Look at her moves! She is a natural, isn’t she? 😉


One Reply to “My biggest fan”

  1. Lori Spencer says:

    That is awesome you have such a supportive mom Lamesha!! 😘😍


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