What is your morning ritual?

I want to ask you this question: what does your morning ritual look like? How do you get up in the morning? Are you a lark or an owl? 

Maybe you start your morning like this adorable Lab Laffy who is having an extremely hard time trying to get himself up on all four of his legs?

Do your “paws” also get in the way of your morning mobility?

Ok . I can go first. Here’s my morning ritual.

First thing that I do when I wake up is hit the snooze button. Like most people, I always feel that morning comes too quickly. Just when you start getting into that deep sleep phase you have to wake up.

After giving myself a pep talk I hop out of bed and turn the AC off because I’m freezing.

Then I get down on the floor to do some coccyx curls to loose up my back.

When people have chronic back problems or just a lumpy mattress these coccyx curls work wonders. I have the craziest and lumpiness mattress and we have a very complicated relationship. 🙂

I do 2 sets of 50 on the floor, roll over to the side fetal position, then push up onto my feet in a squatting stance and slowly roll up, lifting my head last and… I’m good to go.

I will hop into the shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, grab a bottle of water and I’m out the door to face the 405 traffic for over and hour to teach my cardio dance classes. These exercises help with the long drive.

So, now’s your turn to share  your morning routine in the comments below, because next time I’m going to give you my 5 min “better than coffee” morning routine…Stay tuned!



4 Replies to “What is your morning ritual?”

  1. Lori Spencer says:

    I too push the snooze button, that is at 5:00 am. Then i get out of my bed (the coach) we live in a one bedroom apartment and Andrea has the room. Turn the coffee on, get the cats fed, take my shower, eat breakfast and out the door at 7:00 I work in Valencia takes me about an hour from Woodland Hills.

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  2. Debbie Dunlap says:

    Here goes:) I usually wake up on my own at 4:45am and am so glad I get 15 more minutes til I get up. I turn off the fan because now the room is finally cold. I watch the weather on the tv news and then turn it off. I get dressed and all ready, and then I eat my Cheerios and ground flax seed. I finish up quickly getting ready and then water some plants outside and off to work by 6:30 am. Whee!!! I am slow moving when I start off and then end up hurrying 🙂

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  3. lvbody says:

    4:45am? Oh my! That’s when I’m getting my best sleep…Your mornings sound so calm and peaceful. Thank you Debbie!


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