The first 30 day challenge results

I have exciting news for you, my friends! Penny has completed our first 30 Day Lamesha Challenge with yours truly 😉 

Penny and I are feeling very excited and victorious! It’s been a great adventure for both the student and the teacher!

I can see that Penny really worked hard, pushed herself and her dedication definitely paid off! She toned her body, she feels like she has now more energy and endurance than before, but the most important result of this training is this: 30 Day Challenge has totally transformed Penny inside out.

It affected not only her body but most importantly her mind: from now on Penny is hooked on Lamesha fitness technique and she is ready to continue this transformation on her own.

This result truly exceeded our highest expectations because we have not only created a follower but someone who can start setting up her own goals and working hard to achieve them. There’s definitely a lot of truth to the saying that “once your tame your mind, you will be able to change your whole life”.

The outcome of the 30 Days Challenge made me re-think and re-define my goals as far as my teaching is concerned. From now on, my objective in teaching fitness will not be solely focused on helping my students get into shape, become healthier and happier, but on providing them with the necessary tools so that they could continue their transformation on their own after they leave my class, complete the challenge and step out into the world outside the gym or dance studio walls.

Thank you, Penny, for all your hard work! 🙂


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