Traveling around the world. Japan.

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Six years ago I met a young bright-eyed and very determined Japanese student named Chika.

Chika flew to LA from Japan and began taking my classes at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio. She confessed to me one day how much she loved my classes! She studied with me for about 2-3 weeks and then went back to Japan.

A few months later I flew to Japan for the first time for a 3-week Hip Hop Workshop Tour. One of my stops was at “The Beat Box” studio in Tokyo.

Unbeknownst to me and to my big surprise Chika showed up in my class. After class we hugged each other with excitement like old friends. My assistant then translated to me that Chika had taken a 12-hour train ride from her hometown to Tokyo where I was teaching the class.

She took one class of mine and then headed straight back  to the railway station to catch another 12-hour train ride back to her hometown. I was speechless and honored and felt very humbled by the whole experience. Her dedication and commitment cemented my teaching standards.

“Give everyone the best of me every time I teach, so they have the best experience possible. Because you never know what people are going through and how much it took for them to get to my class.” This has become my personal teaching credo…

Fast forward to today: Chika is now living here in LA and has done a few dance projects with me and is doing great things!


You have ideas of what you what to do in life and where you want to go, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball or invites you on a serendipitous adventure.

As a kid I have always loved adventures but never traveled far from home. I had never thought about leaving the State of Texas because it was all I knew at the time.

Once I started college, traveling  for an hour away from home was quite a culture shock to me.

My adventures became broader as I got more serious about my dance career. Moving to LA came as a natural decision.  I fell in love with California and the opportunities it presented.

Traveling the world while doing what I love most – Dance, Fitness and Choreography – seemed like something out of the fairy tales for a girl like me, something unheard of considering my humble beginnings. But hey, maybe this saying is true then: ==>

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One Reply to “Traveling around the world. Japan.”

  1. Iriz Chan says:

    You’re so fortunate to be able to do the thing you love most. Giving the best in every class you do will make wonders. 🙂


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