Dance Workshop/Party

party workshop

Wow!, It’s been awhile since our last conversation. Four months to be exact. Thank you for sticking around.

January I had a winter event for kids.  Now this May, I am having a spring event just for you.  This spring event will focus on my signature power moves. I will teach you how to execute them properly to tone your body and increase your stamina. I will also guide you through the most exciting dance activities that will build your confidence and empower you.

All I ask is that you leave your inhibitions at the door. Once you enter the studio I want your insecurity walls to come down; so that you can have the ultimate transformation. A positive and exhilarating transformation of the mind and body. This is an experience you do not want to miss. Bring your friends, have a night out and enjoy the magic!

There is going to be wall to wall entertainment and fun that you will be talking about for years to come. If you miss this event, I guarantee you will kick yourself.  Be on the look out for this amazing “Dance workshop/Party.” Don’t be the last one to sign up. ‘So go ahead now and get yo little hip hop gear together, bring Becky with the good hair; cuz we about to GET DOWN!’

6 Replies to “Dance Workshop/Party”

  1. Stacie Soto says:

    Where/when? How do I sign up? I miss your classes!

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  2. Madeline says:

    Hope you will announce on Instagram too, as I follow you there religiously!

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  3. Angela Hoover says:

    Where will this be?


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