halloween: A Scary Scale!!

A mysterious cloud looms over the world and causes a great panic. Everyone scurries into their homes for cover to protect their loved ones. The evil lurk of death stands outside the door; waiting to attack your insides. Families sit and wait for a remedy, they want information on how to defeat the dangers of the peculiar haze. While families wait for guidance, they are unaware that the evilness is locked inside with them. The supernatural forces have manage to enter through a concave, hollow entrance on the individual’s face.

This phenomenon has caused many to break into a shimmy, make loud moans or get tired/sleepy. The most noticeable transformation is the swelling of the body: thighs plump, abdominal area pooches, the face becomes round like an apple, knees hurt and it gets harder to walk. After a while your mood changes; one gets depressed, agitated, jealous and when you look online you realize you’ve become a troll. Your negative energy has caused the supernatural forces to get bigger. The forces are now out of control and you can not recognize yourself.

Just then, a shiny white scale appears at your feet. You are hesitant to step on it because you do not know what’s going to happen. So with your eyes closed you say a quick prayer, open them and step on the scale. Left foot then right foot. The scale scrolls through different numbers then blinks 3 times displaying the final 3 digits (and the current temperature) Your eyes adjust and you let out a LOUD SCREAM!!….AAAAaaahhhh!!! You are now traumatized from the shock. It’s like Princess Fiona’s worst nightmare before she gets married. Your body weight is out of this world. You sulk into the pit of despair for a few days, then you snap out of it.

We have wallowed and done a lot of self reflecting. You realize that the mysterious cloud looming over was everything negative that is going on in the world. All that negativity is trying to destroy our very existence as human beings. The many threats have caused us to bunker down in our homes until it is eradicated. The stress of not knowing has caused us to eat ourselves into oblivion. The scale has revealed what we’ve become on the inside. We have stopped living and stopped taking care of ourselves and let food comfort and control our minds. Do not stop living, start to feed your brain so you can get back to life and feel good about yourself.

I stopped living for a while and my scale snapped me back to reality. I work out with my dance program at home, I walk around my neighborhood or hike. I also make sure I do not eat more than I exercise. After I workout I feel so much better, I have energy, a smile and a sense of accomplishment. Do not let the world way you down, workout with me and get back to life.

Sign up today on my membership page and get started to a happier healthier you for the Fall season and beyond. And Don’t Forget To Vote!!


The Lamesha Vine Effect


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