Know what works for you

Discover and use your personal talents to help yourself and others. I read that in a book called ‘Acts of Faith’. Often times we look to others for strength and encouragement; which is great don’t get me wrong. But while looking to others for inspiration, we have to then look within ourselves to see what we can give back to others. Being inspired by someone is different than stealing from someone. Most successful influencers build their platforms on what they know; whether it’s modeling, clothing designs, music, dance/fitness, finance etc. These skills represent who they are and they are able to portray that through pictures, videos or quotes to motivate their followers. If one could look at that particular influencers page and get inspired, that interaction could led the follower to find their true intended journey in life. On the other hand if that follower is lost, in a state of confusion or desperation; they could easily take on the personification of the influencers image and hard work.

Discover and use your personal talents to help yourself and others. Once you find out who you are and what you can offer, the world will see your authenticity and not a facade. Taking someone else’s shine only reveals your weakness.

Know what works for you– Know your proper place, Know your strengths, Know your truth and Be free of fear, Be admired and Be authentic!

The Lamesha Vine Effect

ref: Acts of Faith by Iyanla Vanzant

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