Black History is American History

28 days of celebrating this Black History Month are coming to an end. Or is it? There is so much information out there about the accomplishments and contributions to the world; from Black Americans. At first, I wanted to give a brief history of how black history month came about, the first black male doctor to perform the first ever successful heart surgery, the many inventions of George Washington Carver or the fearless, Bessie Coleman. As an educator, it is easy for me to give you the answers to these questions, but also as an educator I enjoy giving research assignments. Assignments that challenge my students physically, mentally, emotionally or intellectually.

So instead of telling you about how integral Black Americans have been in the construction of this country and the world, I would like for you to do your own research. Find out why Black History Month exists? Do we still need to celebrate Black History Month?… why or why not? What would the world be without Black American contributions?

Besides the obviously, what are some trials and tribulations of the black culture? Why were black people put through so much hardship and continue to be scrutinized, racially profiled, held back and seen as less than?; even til’ this day. What is ‘Hit the N_ _ _ _ _ Baby?’

Once you have done the work, really think about how you feel about what you discovered? Do you think the treatment of Black Americans is justified or do you feel angry and want to help make things better. Do you think if we solve the racism against Black Americans, that we solve the worlds problem?

I’d love to hear what you have learned, please leave me a comment below.


The Lamesha Vine Effect

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