It takes 21 days to break a habit. I’m sure these past 5 months we have all gotten into some bad HABITS that we would like to break. The pandemic has obviously quarantined us in our homes and disrupted our normal activity. Normal activity that would consist of working out

Celebration at The Riviera Country Club

The Lamesha Vine Effect, is a dance/dance fitness brand that is centered around providing you with fun and wholesome dance experiences.  The LVE, was contacted and asked to be the guest entertainment for a graduation celebration on July 29, 2018, and I accepted. The event was for two graduates;  one

First Year Anniversay

July 2018, marked the one year anniversary of The Lamesha Vine Effect.  It has been a fantastic journey thus far. I have designed workshops, hosted special events, trained clients under my new program, sold new merchandise and released my first dance exercise video.  I am so thankful for all of

Dance Workshop/Party

Wow!, It’s been awhile since our last conversation. Four months to be exact. Thank you for sticking around. January I had a winter event for kids.  Now this May, I am having a spring event just for you.  This spring event will focus on my signature power moves. I will teach you how to

“Sunday Family Fun Day”

When I grow up I want to be just like THAT kid!…Kids are the most amazing creatures on God’s earth. I recently hosted a Sunday Family Fun Day at  Bay Clubs Santa Monica and children were everywhere.  I was told that the turn out was the biggest event the club

“Merry The Night 2016”

This summer I celebrated my birthday and I invited one of my cardio dance students, Suzanne to my birthday dinner.  We had such a great time that we decided to get everyone together every six months to let our hair down. So last night Suzanne hosted our “1st Annual Merry The Night” holiday party! We


It’s Thanksgiving and I wanted to share why I am thankful. I am of course thankful for my family and my health, but I’m also thankful for the talents that God has given me to share with you. I’ve always known I was meant to do something special with my

What Are You Fighting For?

One thing that my whole family liked to do together was watch television. We always had a movie night. The genre would be an action-adventure, thriller or something that made you cry. I was into the action adventure movies and television shows. I loved Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, Superman

When there is a will, there is a way!

Today I had a very unusual class! You want to know why? Here’s the story for you. At 9.54 am I came to teach my class at Water Gardens in Santa Monica only to find out that I cannot access the building due to the on-going fire drill. Security workers

Get an early start on NY 2017!

Dear Friends! Following the phenomenal success of our September 30 Day Challenge which resulted in Penny’s ultimate transformation, we are offering a mini-retreat! That’s a very unusual retreat because we are not going too far…We are going to the famous Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio! All through November, starting on November

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